Chuck lathe

We have multi-task machines with 5 shafts and CNC turning equipment, capable of handling parts up to 4000 mm long.


The turning machines and the 5 shaft multi-task machinery allows us to carry out chuck lathing operations.

CNC lathes: These machines are ideal for making covers and flanges up to 1400 mm in diameter, as well as shafts and bolts up to 4000 mm long. We have brands like Gurutzpe and Danobat, among others.

5 shaft multi-task machines: We have different machinery such as the DMG BETA and the CMZ, equipped with a head, sub-head, centrepiece, motorised tools, dual turret or built-in Gantry robot. We work with a maximum diameter of 500 mm and a travel of 1000 mm. 5 shaft lathing, milling or drilling tasks are built-in to the machine.

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chuck lathe
chuck lathe
chuck lathe

Chuck lathing parts

pieza-Sphere Ø160 Material F-1252Tratado
pieza-Flange Ø150x60 Material Stainless AISI316
pieza-Anodised half-moon Ø110x160 Material Aluminium
pieza-Bichromated Sphere Ø200 Material F-1252Treated
pieza-Guide Ø150x210 Material F-1140
pieza-Flange Ø350x80 Material F-1140
pieza-Shaft Ø90x380 Material S355J2
pieza-Bichromated Cover Ø350x45 Material S355J2
pieza-Flange Ø350x80 Material F-1140
pieza-Sulfurised shaft Ø80x250 Material F-1252treated
pieza-Cover Ø550x90 Material F-1140
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