Rod lathe and cutting

We have rod lathes and different machinery for cutting rods up to 65 mm in diameter


Our rod lathes and cutting machines are suitable for machining parts of the highest quality.

Rod lathes: These types of machines are ideal for making shafts, bolts or special short-run or standard screws, with a maximum rod diameter up to 65 mm and a length of 500 mm.

Cutting: We have different machines such as the NLX DMG Mori or the Citizen, equipped with a head and sub-head, centrepiece, motorised tools, dual turret and other accessories.

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rod lathe and cutting
rod lathe and cutting
rod lathe and cutting
rod lathe and cutting

rod lathe parts and cutting

pieza-Part Ø50x55 Material Stainless AISI316
pieza-Part Ø20x15 Bronze Material
pieza-Part Ø30x80 Brass Material
pieza-Screw Ø10x30 Material F-1140
pieza-Screw Ex.45x70 Material Stainless AISI304
pieza-Galvanized Nut Ø16x10 Material F-211
pieza-Bolt with Zinc- Nickel Ø30x90 Material S355J2
pieza-Part Ø45x100 Material Stainless AISI420
pieza-Blued levelling Screw Ex.41x150 Material F-1140
pieza-Part Ø60x105 Material Stainless AISI304
pieza-Shaft Ø30x410 Material F-1140
pieza-Bolt Ø40x220 Material F-125treated
pieza-Shaft Ø50x590 Material Stainless AISI 304
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